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Why The $9 Site Submission Fee?

When web site submissions are free, we simply can't keep up. We can't review them all. Even worse, getting backed up with site reviews makes it harder for us to provide you with the latest work we've received. We want to be able to both respond to your submissions quickly, and present you with TODAY's top sites.

When you pay for a link submission, you get:
  1. A fast review and response for your submission.
  2. A listing in the "Paid Submission" category.
  3. A listing in the other design categories provided the site fulfills our selection criteria.
Reviewed sites must not contain adult material or hate language for listing in any category. For listing in any of the design categories, a site must look really good. A useful rule of thumb to determine whether your site submission belongs is whether you believe it looks better than any other site listed at

Previously listed sites must have had a significant redesign in order to be listed again. Click here to view previously listed sites. All are listed under the "webdesign" tag for the user "moluv00".

Good luck on your submissions, and thank you for helping bring design on the web to a higher level. Return to

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